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· 2 min read
Craig Perry

I'm a note-taker and I've used Onenote to host & index them for years. It works everywhere, suprisingly even on my linux desktop thanks to its progressive web app version. But sharing them can be a pain, a simple website would be better.


I've been using docusaurus at $DAYJOB and it's pretty so-so as documentation tooling goes. For example, the native search options are uninspiring; either use Algolia's service (not suitable in my case) or use one of the plugins that integrates lunr. I ended up making my own integration with another search service and Docusaurus made it easy to "swizzle" the SearchBar.

Docusarus's most useful feature is as a low-friction way to publish small React components. The sweet spot is where you need a splash of interactivity over mostly static data. E.g. a mini-YouTube for sharing a bunch of videos i recorded or a UI that lets a visitor keep track of and resume their progress through milestones in a larger HowTo Guide that they might not consume in one visit.

The docusaurus API has annoyingly changed a few times with version bumps. For example the way to access parts of react-router changed.

This Site

And so this site exists as a playground for Docusaurus and as a place to publicly share my notes. This post exists only because i want to test-drive the blog feature which i've never had a use case for before.