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Pronounced boh-lin not bow-line.

Use this knot to create a fixed loop in the end of a rope. If you thread the rope through the loop, you create a slip knot.

I use this on the ends of my antenna mast guy lines.


  1. Holding the rope in your left hand and the loose end in your right, twist the rope in your fingers to make a loop above, such that the loose end crosses above the standing end of the rope
  2. Thread the loose end under and then through the loop back toward you
  3. Thread the loose end under the standing end and then immediately back into the hole
  4. Pull to tighten

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  • Leave a tail, it makes the knot safer against slips
  • The rabbit (the loose end) comes up the hole, runs around the tree (goes behind the standing end) and then goes back down the hole
  • ⚠️CAUTION⚠️ There are many ways to get this knot wrong that are not immediately obvious but are substantially weaker