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Alpine Butterfly Loop

Use this knot to put a secure loop in the middle of a rope. Great for:

  • The start of a trucker's hitch
  • Shortening a rope
  • Securely isolating a damaged section of rope (as the loop)

I use this as the loop to pulley against when guying an antenna.


  1. Lay the rope across the top of your palm at the finger joints
  2. Loop the rope behind your fingers and around the front again at your fingertips
  3. Create a mirror image by looping the rope around to the back of your hand at the finger tips and coming round to the front again in line with the top of your palm
  4. Take the loop at your fingertips and draw it down over the crossed rope at the top of your palm
  5. Feed the loop under the crossover and take it back up toward your fingertips
  6. Pull off your hand by the new loop tip, continue to pull to fasten the knot, also pull both rope ends

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